Yeshivah Secondary

We educate young men to enter society with a firm commitment to Torah values and the wider community

Yeshivah College aims to provide a strong educational foundation for each student to enable him to confidently take his place in society with pride in his Jewish identity and a strong sense of purpose. Above all, we want each of our students to be a mench – an honourable, caring, compassionate human being.


The Jewish Studies program has been designed to promote pride in our Jewish heritage while developing the key skills of textual study and appreciation. As a result, Yeshivah College equips its graduates with Jewish knowledge and the enthusiasm to maintain a lifestyle that will preserve their Jewish identity and character.


Our outstanding success rate at the VCE level, including Arts/Humanities, Commerce and Math/Science, is testimony to the fact that the school enjoys a healthy and well-balanced mix of General and Jewish Studies. These two are complementary and viewed as essential to the academic development of our students.



We aim to give your child the encouragement to take the initiative and gain the confidence to succeed. With state-of-the-art facilities such as Science Labs, Gymnasiums and Art rooms, the co-curricular programs are an empowering experience for all students.


A broad and innovative range of co-curricular activities is implemented each year to enrich our students and give expression to their creativity. Our school magazines showcase literacy and social creativity; attend one of our drama or song and dance festivals and you will see spirited and imaginative performances of a high standard; and the Colleges’ art exhibitions display depth and vision, communicated with remarkable proficiency.


By challenging each student to explore new thought processes and take creative risks, these programs promote an appreciation of literature, performance and fine arts, foster personal growth, individual expression and self esteem, and give a taste of the possibilities of a creative life.


Students’ self esteem is built through a range of programs including peer-leadership initiatives; public speaking, debating, General and Jewish knowledge challenges, our ‘You Can Do It’ and ‘Connections’ programs, to name but a few.


The Yeshivah sports programs encourage a healthy and active lifestyle, promote personal well-being, enhance coordination and endurance and develops team building and leadership skills.

Both in school and after hours, your child will have the opportunity to enjoy a wide range of sporting activities and programs which include abseiling, swimming and life saving programs, self-defence, ball skills, dance skills, athletics, canoeing, gymnastics, sports days and interschool sporting competitions.


Enrichment and Extension

Our teaching programs are especially designed to stretch and expand our students’ thinking. Within this setting, we aim to ensure that students benefit from the Jewish tradition of ‘meychayil el chayil – growing from strength to strength’ and are therefore, will be ready to take the next step in learning.


With a dedicated and highly-qualified support team – including Literacy and Numeracy experts, Enrichment and Support Staff and School Psychologists – we aim to help students raise their own expectations of what they can achieve. They learn to continue to strive for excellence.


Students find the Yeshivah experience to be one of redefining and extending their personal boundaries – intellectually, physically, spiritually and emotionally.




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