Tzedokah at Yeshivah - Beth Rivkah

In the past five years the students have raised over $100,000 for charities in Israel such as Shaarei Tzedek Hospital, Maot Chitim, Zichron Menachem and Magen David Adom  

The Hebrew word “Tzedokah” is widely mistranslated as charity.  It would be more accurate to translate it as “social justice / obligation.”


At Yeshivah – Beth Rivkah the students are taught about this central concept of Judaism.  However it is not presented as a mere abstract concept.  Through practical activities Tzedokah is integrated into their lives and becomes part of their very being.


From pre-school age the students are encouraged to share and give a coin to Tzedokah every day. As they grow older, besides giving something of their own, they raise money for various causes, both locally and in Israel.


Illustrating this focus, the Tzedakah captains across the YBR campuses have arranged an array of events to facilitate fundraising throughout the years. In 2018 Yeshivah Secondary students took on the task of raising significant funds on Purim, and followed this up with holding sporting events and a special ‘milkshake and smoothie’ days to bolster the donations. Beth Rivkah Secondary’s student-led campaign in 2018 year aims to raise $5000 for Shaare Zedek Medical Center in Israel, whereby funds raised will help the hospital expand their facilities and purchase new equipment. In addition, Beth Rivkah is once again gearing up for ‘The Great Chop’, when, incredibly, hundreds of students and a number of staff, alumni, parents and women from the wider community are committing to cut their hair and donate to Zichron Menachem in Israel who create custom wigs for children battling cancer. With a remarkable $20,000 being raised at the last Great Chop, student organisers of the event this year are hoping to reach even greater fundraising heights.


Year 6 captains have taken the reins at both Beth Rivkah and Yeshivah Primary to inspire and engage their peers in tzedakah programs. Students at Beth Rivkah supported the Maot Chittim (money for the poor) program before Pesach for which students eagerly organized and supported a trinket sale; while a carnival-style fundraiser, with popcorn for sale, built up funds for the students to donate to Magen David Adom. Yeshivah Primary tzedakah and well-being committees engaged students in a number of fundraisers, proceeds from which students chose to donate towards purchasing Jewish books for those living in rural areas of Australia.


An integral element of the school Bar and Bat Mitzvah programs at YBR is educating students in the ways of tzedakah and chessed (kindness). Year 7 boys have been working towards contributing a donation to Pantry Packers in Israel, while Year 6 Beth Rivkah students will band together to produce food and baked goods for needy recipients.


Upper Primary students at Yeshivah joined forces with C-Care, allowing them to actualize their learning of ahavat yisrael and tzedakah. To help enhance independence for isolated Jewish individuals in the Melbourne community students participated in the ‘Soup in a Jar’ program where they volunteered their time to prepare jars of pre-measured nutrient-rich dry ingredients for soups. Students topped off the jars with some heartfelt handwritten messages for the recipients. Beth Rivkah Primary students took time to bringing joy to others with a visit to Emmy Monash on Purim, while volunteering efforts at Beth Rivkah Secondary are exemplified by the vast participation rates in the long-running Yad L’Ezra programs – where students volunteer their time to help others in the community.


Throughout their schooling journey, YBR students dedicate their free time to enrich the lives of others and to harness the values of generosity, kindness and community spirit.

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