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We empower our students to make a difference by giving to our community

Yad L’Ezra was established over 20 years ago at Beth Rivkah, to assist families and individuals within the community. Yad L’Ezra iVolunteer aims to empower students to make a difference by volunteering in various ways – whether it is helping in a home, tutoring or mentoring a primary student, visiting the elderly or fundraising for Tzedaka, students experience the beauty of giving. This promotes an atmosphere of giving and ensures responsible, caring and compassionate individuals.


Secondary School girls are encouraged to volunteer to assist families during the week, mostly during their own time. Joining forces with Chabad Youth, Yad L’Ezra iVolunteer continued to grow to encompass other aspects of need within the community, and it now has 5 divisions with over 100 girls from Beth Rivkah Secondary School involved on a weekly basis.


Divisions of Yad L’Ezra iVolunteer


Help at Home:

The Help-at-Home division of Yad L’Ezra iVolunteer gives girls the opportunity to help many families by visiting in pairs, for one hour each week. The girls give of their time to assist with housework, cleaning, babysitting and generally assisting the family. Thanks to the amazing commitment and responsibility of the volunteers, many families are receiving much-appreciated and valuable assistance.


Visiting the elderly:

Each volunteer is carefully matched with a senior citizen in the community and visits him/her on a weekly basis. This division has been an outstanding success with the volunteers developing a close friendship with their elderly friends. While visiting elderly citizens in their homes or nursing homes, the volunteers chat, sing, and bring life and happiness to the elderly. The volunteers look forward to going just as much as the elderly look forward to their visits.



The tutoring division was developed for Primary Students who need extra help with work, or just need a special friend. Each volunteer meets with her student on a weekly basis and helps her with homework or in any area in which she requires assistance. The effect of the tutoring division has been tremendous with students reporting higher grades, better study skills, and a stronger self-confidence.



The fundraising committee co-ordinates many fundraising projects, such as packing Mishloach Manot, collecting Maot Chittim, and other Tzedaka campaigns. The volunteers initiate and are responsible for their own fundraising ideas. To date, they have raised a significant amount of money for many worthy causes.


Big Sister Little Sister BSLS:

Big Sister is the latest addition to Yad L’Ezra iVolunteer. Students from Years 9, 10, 11 and 12 are given the opportunity to be paired with Primary students who need big sister role models. Big Sisters and Little Sisters spend one hour each week engaged in activities such as arts and crafts, ice cream parties and homework. Both Big Sister and Little Sister benefit greatly through giving and receiving.


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