In August 2016, Yeshivah - Beth Rivkah Colleges fully adopted the recommendations of the Governance Review Panel (GRP), chaired by the Hon. Ray Finkelstein AO QC. This marked the first time that parents were able to elect the school board. It was a contested election and the qualifications and skills of the Directors provides for a high calibre board. The Directors of the school board are: 


Rabbi Chaim Tzvi Groner

Rabbi Chaim Tzvi Groner is a longstanding and senior Shliach of the Yeshivah Centre. In line with the GRPs recommendations, Rabbi Groner will remain a Director of the board, unless he is removed by the members. 


Mrs Devora Rochel Herszberg

Devora Rochel has been part of the YBR schools for the past 24 years as a teacher, parent and past President of the Parents Association. Devora Rochel comes from a family of teachers and educators.


Mr Daniel Houseman

Daniel is a Partner in KPMG’s Management Consulting practice. 
He has been volunteered in a range of communal institutions over the years. Daniel and his wife Tali have three children in Yeshivah - Beth Rivkah College. 


Rabbi Yonoson Johnson

Yonoson Johnson is the Rosh HaKollel of Kollel Menachem Lubavitch in Melbourne. He is consulted on Halachic matters and lectures in other Melbourne Shules and communities.


Dr Miriam Munz

Miriam has been involved in Jewish education for over 45 years as a teacher, Deputy Head, and Principal in Jewish day schools.

She currently works as a research associate in the Australian Centre for Jewish Civilisation at Monash University and holds a position on the Zionist Federation of Australia where, amongst other programs, she is involved in providing professional development for Jewish Studies teachers around Australia.

Miriam’s three grandchildren attend Yeshivah - Beth Rivkah College.


Dr Shana Reuben

Dr Shana Reuben is senior optometrist at OPSM with a Masters in Marketing.

She has volunteered for both Jewish and secular organisations and is currently a participant in the Jewish Care Yesod program promoting young Jewish leadership. 

Shana is a Beth Rivkah Graduate and married to Yigal Reuben (Yeshivah alum), they have three children attending Yeshivah - Beth Rivkah College. 


Mr Dov Silberman

Dov has been a member of the Chabad Yeshivah community for over 40 years, having learnt at Yeshivah Gedolah, Melbourne, and at 770, New York.  All his children attended Yeshivah - Beth Rivkah College, as do his grandchildren now.


He is a commercial litigation lawyer and arbitrator and is a member of the Arbitration and Determinative Dispute Resolution SIG Committee of Resolution Institute. He has a special interest in promoting halachic resolution procedures to commercial disputes within the community, having founded Jewish Arbitration, Melbourne.


Rabbi Shalom Dickshtein

Rabbi Shalom Dickshtein was born and raised in Be’er Sheva, Israel, where his parents were sent by the Rebbe to work in the field of education. His parents and most of his siblings are educators.
Rabbi Dickshtein serves as a Shochet and head Kashrus inspector at Chabad Kashrus, and is the assistant Rabbi at Shnei-Ohr Chabad. He also volunteers at numerous organisations within the community, including lecturing and mentoring to the Hebrew-speaking community in Melbourne.


Izzi Goldman

Izzi has a passion to further enhance Jewish education as it is the cornerstone for Jewish life. He currently works as a Senior Property Manager for Colliers International. Izzi together with his wife Batsheva, a  teacher in Beth Rivkah, have volunteered for a number of organisations to further enhance Jewish life in Melbourne and currently have 2 children in the school.


Josh Wonder

Josh Wonder works for Mercy Health and is a Chartered Accountant with a number of years experience in both 'for profit' and 'not for profit' businesses.
He is a current parent of children in the school and has had children go through every campus of Yeshivah - Beth Rivkah Colleges.


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