Pesach is in the air at Yeshivah - Beth Rivkah Colleges

As Pesach approaches, the focus of learning and classroom activities have taken on a Pesach flair at Yeshivah – Beth Rivkah Colleges. Children at the Gurewicz Early Learning Centre (GELC) have been enjoying Pesach dress-ups and learning through song and engaging activities

Production Enhances Purim at Beth Rivkah

In the school’s annual tradition, Beth Rivkah’s recent Song and Dance evening was an outstanding celebration of student talent and collaboration. With students involved in all elements of the production, the performance provided scope for all students to contribute.

Rabbi Ken Spiro Speaks at Beth Rivkah Secondary

Beth Rivkah was honoured to host Rabbi Ken Spiro, internationally acclaimed lecturer and educator of Jewish History, to speak to its Secondary students on Feb 19. Rabbi Spiro presented an engaging and entertaining session to Year 11 and 12 students called ‘World Perfect,’ which looked at the way in which Jewish values underpin our society

Innovative Teaching and Enhanced Learning Spaces at Yeshivah – Beth Rivkah

2018 heralds in an era of expanded offerings and revitalised learning facilities for students at Yeshivah and Beth Rivkah Colleges and Pre-Schools. From new building and learning spaces, to innovative teaching methods, YBR students have an exciting school year ahead.

Yeshivah - Beth Rivkah Wrapping Up Another Incredible Year!

It’s that time of year again at Yeshivah – Beth Rivkah Colleges where students, parents, teachers and the wider community have an opportunity partake in the end of year festivities and accomplishments of their students.


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