Yeshivah - Beth Rivkah Back to school

The 2019 school year has kicked off at Yeshivah - Beth Rivkah with ruach (spirit) and excitement. Following on from some exceptional VCE results in 2018 (with several perfect study scores achieved), students were all smiles on the first day of school. Introductory sessions to orient the Foundation, Year 7 and VCE students were held prior to the first day of school and helped all students begin the school year on a positive note. Meet and Greet sessions and a YBR Pre-Schools BBQ welcome event offered opportunities for parents, teachers and students to meet and connect. Welcoming twelve classes of eager kinder students to the YBR family this year, along with five Foundation classes across Yeshivah and Beth Rivkah, student numbers continue to grow and extra classes have been added to cater to demand. A transition class within the Gurewicz Early Learning Centre is a new addition to the kinder mix this year, providing an age-appropriate program within the kinder framework to cater for children whose birthday falls just shy of the official kinder cut-off date. Across the school grounds at Yeshivah Secondary, the tired court surfaces have been given a face-lift thanks to the Pick My Project campaign that took place in 2018. The votes accumulated by YBR secured the win and has resulted in a much-anticipated change of the old, uneven court surfaces at the boys high school to a pristine, useable and functional play area and all-abilities sports surface for students. The team of dedicated, enthusiastic and caring Jewish and General studies staff across the YBR Pre-Schools, Primary and Secondary are continuously developing their skills and will continue to deliver the outstanding educational and extra-curricular offerings at YBR. Staff work collaboratively to create exciting and engaging curricula and in-class material and ensure that up-to-date technological methods 3D printers, STEM and coding are utilised to enhance classroom activities. With camps, Shabbat getaways, school productions, sporting events and learning challenges just a few of the events on the cards for 2019, Yeshivah – Beth Rivkah students and staff look forward to a successful year of learning, laughter, and providing an environment in which children of all ages and backgrounds can flourish and achieve their very best.  ​

 Corporate Breakfast​

Yeshivah – Beth Rivkah Colleges and Parents’ Association were pleased to welcome over 200 guests to The River Room at Crown Casino for a Corporate Breakfast event in early November. Attendees enjoyed a morning of mingling mixed with illuminating and informative addresses – with His Excellency, Mr Mark Sofer in attendance as keynote speaker. The morning kicked off with Dr Miriam Munz welcoming the corporate guests, Rabbonim, dignitaries and politicians in attendance and was followed by recitation of Tehillim by Rabbi Yaakov Glasman and Mr Chaim Kingsley.An address from Rabbi Yehoshua Smukler (Principal of Yeshivah – Beth Rivkah Colleges) examined the benefits and challenges of technology in today’s age, highlighting that “at YBR we recognise technology as an integral tool and we educate our students to become the techno-ethical leaders of tomorrow”.Speaking on the topic “Education and Technology in Israel”, it was a privilege to have His Excellency, Mr Mark Sofer, Ambassador of Israel to Australia attend as Keynote Speaker. He discussed the impact that Israeli technologies have had on the world and what we have achieved, and continue to achieve, despite our comparatively small population numbers on the world stage. Further, he delved into the question of how Israel has developed into the technological hub that it is today. Yeshivah - Beth Rivkah thanks all the generous supporters, attendees and sponsors of the event (Gold Sponsors – Wingate and Scott Winton; Silver Sponsors – Lowe Lippmann and Wilson Agents) who help Yeshivah – Beth Rivkah continue to provide a quality Jewish education to a broad cross-section of the Melbourne Jewish Community.  ​

Celebration of Learning at Yeshivah​

Attended by a record number of guests this year, the Annual Mishnayos B’al Peh Awards Dinner took place at Yeshivah College in August. Parents, students and teachers filled the Werdiger Hall and were delighted to participate in an event that recognises the achievements of students who have taken great efforts to learn Mishnayos B’al Peh (by heart). Held in memory of Yeshivah student Nathan Dzienciol a’h who had an exceptional dedication to learning Mishna and who tragically passed away in 1990 when he was in year 3, this invaluable learning program (now in its 28th year) continues to grow and flourish – with record breaking participation rates and learning achievements being celebrated this year. Over 400 students have actively participated in the optional program this year and have, incredibly, memorised in excess of 300,000 lines of Torah! Students are tested on their learning throughout the year, with accumulated points ultimately being redeemed for prizes ranging from Tehillim, Chumashim, Talmuds and Mishnas. These awards and prizes were presented at the awards evening, along with students demonstrating their skill reciting Mishnayos and Tanya by heart. As a special tribute to Nathan a’h, students recited seven special Mishnas - each beginning with one of the letters of his name. An address from Yeshivah – Beth Rivkah Principal, Rabbi Yehoshua Smukler commended the students for their fantastic achievements and outlined that “when it comes to aspects of holiness we must always continuously increase and raise our standard”, encouraging students to strive to reach even greater learning heights. Additionally, Rabbi Gordon, one of the program coordinators, expressed his pride in the students’ outstanding achievements and commented that this evening “gives us the opportunity to honour a ‘zokein’ – one who has acquired wisdom and now has Torah engraved in their memory.” YBR extends gratitude to the generous sponsors who contributed towards the program, awards night and prizes - including classmates of Nathan a’h who donated in his memory. Kol hakavod to all students on their exceptional learning achievements.​

Do you see what I see?

​Over the last few weeks our Foundation students have been involved in a number of photographic workshops. They have been taught how to take and edit photographs using an ipad and how to think about composition when making aesthetic choices. This project empowers children to express how they see their world through looking at their environment differently. Children confidently speak in many languages and their visual world is vitally important. Children have an innate ability to wonder and if this captured in the moment of a photograph it gives us an insight into how they see their world. Photo's from Foundation Students can be viewed on the slideshow below:   

Thank You Letter

B”H Dear Rabbi Smukler, Rabbis, principals, teachers, parents and students of YBR, We would have liked to thank each one of you in person but obviously we can’t, so please accept this as personal thank you letter. B”H, we were privileged to spend the last two years here in Melbourne as part of the YBR family. We came from Israel to Melbourne for two years for Chanan’s professional surgical training. We could have gone to a different place but thank G-d we ended up coming to this community of all places in the world. We don’t think there is a better and warmer Jewish community than the Melbournian one. We had the time of our lives, and we will never forget your generous hospitality. We would like to say a special thanks to the Mezuza of the school, the one who welcomes you at the front, Mrs. Michelle Blutman. Before we even got here, she took care of everything we needed. When we first arrived, she welcomed us kindly and ever since kept doing her best and beyond to help us and settle us all in. Thank you, Michelle, We’re so grateful. All of our five children settled in immediately and felt welcome in GELC, YP, YS, BRP and BRS. We tried it all and loved it all. We were invited for Shabbos meals by our children’s classmates’ parents nearly every week. We all made many friends, hopefully for life. We met a community of Tsdaka VaChesed. We felt the love to every Jew and the love to Torah and Chasidus learning. We got to know the Rebbe and the greatness of his Shluchim and how Chabad influences and shapes Jewish communities around the world. The kids have really excelled in their English learning and thanks to the teachers’ patience learned many skills in all academic disciplines. It wasn’t always easy, but it was for sure a great experience to be out of our comfort zone, to be challenged and truly grow from it all. Thank you for the real life ‘Shiur’ you gave us in Hachnsat Orchim. You are all welcome to keep in touch and visit us in Israel. Kol tuv, Chanan and Michal, Yair, Rimon, Noam, Adva and Yali Shaul Rosh Tzurim, Gush Etzion​


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