Beth Rivkah Volunteers Lend a Hand

Over 100 Beth Rivkah students, ranging from Years 7 to 12, have shown tremendous dedication and chesed by dedicating their free time to help others. By participating in a volunteer program Beth Rivkah runs in conjunction with Chabad Youth – Yad L’Ezra iVolunteer – they have the opportunity to enrich others’ days, with the program encompassing five divisions: Visiting the Elderly, Tutoring, Big and Lil Sister, Help at Home, and Fundraising.


In the longstanding tradition of this program (which has incredibly been running for over 30 years), these divisions provide the opportunity for students to mentor younger students in the Big and Lil Sister program, bring joy to residents in nursing homes, assist girls in primary school with homework and study, pitch in to help local Melbourne families with children and home duties after school as well as being involved in a number of fundraisers to raise money for worthy causes.


An annual gala appreciation dinner was held in early November to honour the volunteers, with over 200 in attendance to extend thanks to those involved in the program. The volunteers shared with the audience how much they enjoyed volunteering and how the process of giving “really gave them so much more than they invested”.


Thank you messages were presented by recipients of the volunteers’ efforts – highlighting “the great deal of help they provide”, while several volunteers shared some powerful reflections, explaining that "Tutoring helps me grow as a person, and I truly owe that to the girl I tutor… "I love coming after school and being given the opportunity to help with homework. As a whole, I have really enjoyed and gained".  A young student who participates in the Big Sister Lil Sister program recounted "I never thought that I would enjoy Big sister so much! I love being with my big sister and doing lots of activities together".


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