Welfare Committee


The Welfare Committee is a cross-campus body, committed to the wellbeing of all students. The Welfare Committee is an active extension of Yeshivah-Beth Rivkah Colleges and Pre-Schools and is committed to safeguarding children through communication, support and comprehensive policies. The responsibility of the Welfare Committee is to promote the safety of all students and to foster academic, emotional, social, spiritual and physical development.

The aims and objectives of the Welfare Committee are to:

  • Promote the idea that student welfare is intrinsic to the education process
  • Oversee and monitor all pastoral care activities across Yeshivah-Beth Rivkah Colleges and Pre- Schools
  • Consider and advise the Principal and the Committee of Management on policy matters relating to student welfare
  • Communicate with teachers, students and parents on matters relating to student welfare
  • Raise awareness of support services available for students, staff and parents facing difficulties
  • Collect and share information relating to student welfare matters with relevant staff members to support holistic responses
  • Initiate, develop, co-ordinate and evaluate programs that promote student and staff welfare
  • Ensure that the Safeguarding Children Policies, Anti-Bullying Policies and other welfare policies and procedures are being followed
  • Review the Safeguarding Children Policies, Anti-Bullying Policies and other welfare policies and procedures to ensure that they remain relevant and meaningful


The Welfare Committee acts as a school resource in the following manner by:

  • Accepting and support the referral of a student through any staff member, parent or through student self referral
  • Assessing and responding holistically to the welfare of a student or a school family
  • Participating in case discussions and case management with relevant staff and external professionals
  • Providing assistance and support across many areas e.g. behavior problems, student self- esteem, positive reinforcement, learning difficulties, home or peer problems
  • Accessing  and  compiling  student  background  information,  which  may  help  in  planning classroom strategies for dealing with students
  • Assisting students coping with life problems

It is important to note that the Welfare Committee functions as a subsidiary leadership team across YBR schools.  As such they report to the College Principal, and via the College Principal to the Board of YBRSL.  Should any members of the Welfare Committee feel the need to communicate with the YBRSL Board, they should, in the first instance, inform the College Principal and then communicate directly with the YBRSL Board.  If the concern directly relates to the College Principal, in such instances the WELFARE Committee / Committee Member should proceed to communicate directly with the YBRSL Board Chairman without notifying the College Principal.


Committee Members

Rabbi Smukler – Principal, Yeshivah Beth Rivkah Colleges

Barbara Belfer – Head of the Yeshivah Beth Rivkah Pre-Schools

Rabbi Loewenthal – Head of Yeshivah Primary

Janet Feldman – Assistant Head of Yeshivah Primary School and Student Wellbeing Ella Blesofsky – Head of Beth Rivkah Primary

Romy Levy – Deputy Head of Beth Rivkah Primary

Yamit Glasman – Head of Student Wellbeing, Beth Rivkah Secondary

Rabbi Sufrin – YBR Pastoral Rabbi and Director of Informal Jewish Education for Beth Rivkah Secondary

Adina Welsh – Social Welfare Counselor Beth Rivkah Primary


Updated and ratified by Welfare Committee Feb 2018