On the 28th of September, the students of Beth Rivkah Ladies Colleges gathered together to raise money and cut their hair for Zichron Menachem, an Israeli organization that assists children suffering with cancer. An incredibly important aspect of the support and services offered to these children includes the creation of custom made wigs for patients who have lost their hair during cancer treatments. This branch significantly improves the quality of life and self-confidence of countless children battling cancer.


The director of Zichron Menachem, Mr Baruch Levy, came and spoke to the Beth Rivkah secondary girls and gave insight into the work of Zichron Menachem, congratulating the girls on all their efforts with the campaign.


The ‘Great Chop’ campaign was launched at the end of 2015, in the hope that some students would feel compelled to donate their hair to children who are suffering without it. The response they garnered was massive. Over 108 girls signed up to donate their hair including alumni, teachers and women from the wider community. A sponsorship program and a Chuffed website were created in order to bring in more donations from the broader community and to support the girls who have committed to donating their hair. A telethon event also took place on Thursday 15th September with student volunteers calling people from the community to help fundraise for the organization.


The girls raised over $22,000 for the event through months of fundraising events and generous donations from community members. Over 120 students got up on stage to have their hair cut – some of them had decided spontaneously to donate after seeing their peers give their own hair. The incredible fundraiser was spearheaded by the School Captains who are currently undergoing their VCE studies and will be sitting exams in a few weeks’ time.