Mercedes Dadon Creche

The Yeshivah-Beth Rivkah Pre-schools opened the purpose built Mercedes Dadon Crèche, due to a demand in the community for quality childcare based on the very successful model of the Gurewicz Early Learning Centre. The crèche caters for children from 20 months to kinder age. The outdoor area was designed by a landscape architect who specialises in early childhood settings. The indoors have been fitted with new and bright furniture and an enormous range of educational and stimulating resources that are available for the children’s use.  The educators are warm and nurturing and each child is welcomed into our crèche with staff focussing on the interests and strengths of each child in their care.

In the very short time that we have been open the children have learnt, enjoyed and participated in so many exciting experiences.

The children have investigated which Brocha to say by exploring where fruits and vegetables are grown and distinguishing which of our fruits and vegetables come from the ground (Adama) and which grow on a tree (Etz).

Even at such an early age, children can learn about the importance of caring for our environment and embedding this into our daily practice. The children are also learning about recycling and making our own recycled paper from old cut up paper. The children  are playing with recycled handmade puzzles made out of cardboard and learning what else they can do look after our precious world.

We looking forward to continuing our explorations.

For a tour or to make enquiries please contact Michelle Blutman on 9522 8222