Beth Rivkah Primary School prides itself on developing and instilling important values and character traits in our students. This semester, Year 5 students focused on the values of compassion, empathy and perseverance. Last week we put those values into action. The students read an article about a 5 year old boy in the community, Harry Feller, who has been diagnosed with Usher Syndrome and posed the question as to what we could do to help. Their questions sparked a small campaign in our year level to raise funds towards research into this unfamiliar and relatively new syndrome. While research is in its infancy stage, much support in the form of creating awareness and finding funding is desperately needed. So inaction became action and the students enthusiastically planned a market day with groups planning activities and selling goods. Dressed in blue, they excitedly sold their crafts, nail painting services, fruit slurpees and more to a very keen group of customers. The market day was a real success and $1125 was raised in one hour.


A week later, we were so fortunate to actually meet the Fellers to present them with the donation towards Genetic Cures Australia, a charitable foundation set up by Harry’s parents Hollie and Daniel Feller and researchers, to fund research and approval of a revolutionary new treatment. We are so grateful that the Feller family took the time to come to our school to meet the students. This certainly was a highlight of our year. The girls really enjoyed meeting Harry and presented him with small gifts and a poem.  Kol Ha’kavod to them for their super efforts and act of giving. To donate to Genetic Cures Australia, go to www.geneticcures.com.au.