As part of an art and Jewish Studies co-curricular program at Beth Rivkah Secondary, students participated in a program where they each designed one small square image which when combined, created beautiful pieces of art representing the Shivaat Haaminim. The students have presented their artwork to Beit Rafael, an organisation that cares for the physical and emotional needs of families, whilst their loved ones are undergoing hospital treatment, by providing them with ‘a home away from home’. Apartments are situated directly across the street from the Royal Children’s Hospital (North Melbourne), across the street from Cabrini Hospital (Malvern) and also directly across the street from the Monash Medical Centre in Clayton.

The students were thrilled to see their work come to fruition and in particular see how their one small part contributed to a magnificent completed project. The girls worked closely together to complete the artwork and were excited to be actively giving back to the community. Beth Rivkah students frequently undertake projects involving Tzedakah throughout the year and thoroughly enjoy the Achdut and Chesed they are involved in.

Mr Shimon Allen and Mr Ephraim Finch, representatives of Beit Rafael were amazed and thrilled by the quality of the work they were presented with, praising the girls for their commitment to the mitzvot of Hachnasat Orchim and Bikur Cholim.

Beit Rafael can be contacted 24/7 on 0421 408 522